Thursday, October 22, 2015

Playing around

Last week i have not been online much,as i have been playing some games on my television with my Steam controller and Steam Link. I pre-ordered a kit in Juli, and last week DHL delivered. Since i have a rather large collection of games on steam, i'm having a blast. Just need to get used to play with controllers, as in my world "Joysticks are for n00bs". (I don't play consoles, as i am an oldschool PC gamer). However, playing any game in your living room, on widescreen is pretty nice.

Obviously i had to try some "non steam" games with the link, and as you can see in the picture, this works just fine. (I just need to still screen adjust for the viewer, and map some buttons on the controller to fly). For the rest, the steam controller lets you operate the basics pretty much "out the box". It has a trackpad with haptic feedback that operates as a mouse, and the other pad and joystick act as WASD.

I did hook a wireless keyboard to the Steam link, as chatting on a controller will not become a hobby. (although it works a hell of a lot better than on a TV or mobile, still the keyboard is my preferred tool for it). Since the link has a bunch of USB ports, i only need to find a wireless headset, and i can become a couch potato

But there you have it. OSGrid on TV Via Steamlink. Very workable, and with a proper controller configuration, a great new way to explore the metaverse. In the next week(s) i will try and see if its possible to upload alternative controller configurations for non-steam games (for steam games this is already possible) so you can download a "working out of the box" viewer config.

Last but not least, a mandatory update of opensimulator is about to be released. Keep up to speed by clicking HERE.