Saturday, June 4, 2011

Playing around

Red Dragon Nite Club regions have updated to the latest build, the and also updated all the INI files with the changes mentioned on the OSgrid news pages. We have also been playing with Imprudence 1.4 exp. The Media on a prim now works like a charm when quicktime is installed, which is fun, and good to know. Things appear to run stable sofar, and we will keep you posted. There are some updates posted in the links sections below aswell, so grab the fresh goodies. 

Also we tried  Kitely, which is an app connecting you to a "booted on on demand" cloud based OSG server, via facebook credentials. Since its in beta you have 1000 credits to play around. Funny concept, and although its not fast, it does what it promises. I only expected a webviewer (in the likes of Unity or so) , having to install a plugin. Not for it to fire up imprudence.  Imprudence is releasing its new 1.4.0 Beta somewhere next week. 
Aurora has a fresh new website, and are currently at version 0.3.1. There also working on an inworldconnector, which is sort of a hypergrid replacement for all we know ATM.  

Furthermore we enjoyed a couple of great party's with 80's and 90's music at D&J's Friday party, which are pretty well attended. If you are new in OSG you definetely want to drop in on one of these, and meet all the regulars, and if your a regular and wonder why LBSA is so empty at friday evenings, well. Now you know.

To stay in the D&J area, This weeks region Showcase is Doro's Real Estate. If you need a home, and can't / don't feel like building one, you want to check this sim. It contains quality housing, built with neat accuracy by one of OSG's finest designers. Castle's temples, appartments, farms, modern, classic, its all there. For kick ass D&J furniture you can drop by at the Red Dragon Shops, where D&J has one of her furniture store's. If you like a luxurious OSG life with quality prims, come shop for Free.