Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Party at Close Encounter

Many people that wander around in OSgrid  spend a lot of time "on their own" building, scripting, creating. So they like to party and meet up every once and a while.

Every friday around 18.00 UTC Dorothea & Jay  host a party where  you can enjoy a wide a variety of music styles and meet with a large group of OSG residents.

Also if your "new" to the grid,  this is a great place outside the plaza's to relax, party and meet new people. Home-DJ JayMaze presents a very broad selection of music in a variety of styles and takes requests, so you can listen to your personal favorite, or enjoy a romantic tune when on the couple dance system.

As this party is beeing held every friday for a couple years now, there's no doubt D&J is the most visited club in OSgrid, and place you should visit if you explore this grid. Likely you find me hanging out enjoying the tunes & partying there.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Kliederaar region opens

Today we attended the opening party of Kliederaar region, by the dutch artist Ruben Haan. Welcome to weird wonderland.Your about to run into a true virtual world within a virtual world.

Prepare to enter a very surreal 3d cartoonish abstract environment, with various pieces of abstract art forming a strange world around you. You can walk around on the cartoon hills to get a closer look at details of the works. Feels strange!

It's an amazing and unique surrounding unlike anything you have seen before. Quoting one of the attendee's of the opening : "I am always impressed, how far the edges of opensim creation can be pushed". Come and amaze yourself at Tickle your mind.