Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Party at Close Encounter

Many people that wander around in OSgrid  spend a lot of time "on their own" building, scripting, creating. So they like to party and meet up every once and a while.

Every friday around 18.00 UTC Dorothea & Jay  host a party where  you can enjoy a wide a variety of music styles and meet with a large group of OSG residents.

Also if your "new" to the grid,  this is a great place outside the plaza's to relax, party and meet new people. Home-DJ JayMaze presents a very broad selection of music in a variety of styles and takes requests, so you can listen to your personal favorite, or enjoy a romantic tune when on the couple dance system.

As this party is beeing held every friday for a couple years now, there's no doubt D&J is the most visited club in OSgrid, and place you should visit if you explore this grid. Likely you find me hanging out enjoying the tunes & partying there.

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