Thursday, December 2, 2010


Although there are not many events throughout the week, OSG is a nice place to dwell. It has some awesome sims, with great atmosphere, in various themes. Also, there are very creative artists, making awesome machinima's for you to enjoy. Below you will find 2 machinima to watch. Both are made on OSG, first by Ci Sense, second one by the Grid administrator, Nebadon Izumi. You might or might not have seen them, but they deserve some attention, epecially since they take days to make, and well, see for yourself....

"Winter Love" by Ci Sense

"Space Navigating OSG with 3DConnection" by Nebadon Izumi

If you have great machinima's you'd like to share, let us know. In the new Red Dragon IX we have plans for a videowall displaying Machinima's. The only requirement for us to publish them, is that they need to have been shot in an Opensim based Grid.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Preparing for Winter

Dont you love winter Themes ? Those sims that change over into a wonderful winter decor, with showy white trees, sleds and raindeer, and Santa´s. Many people really put in great efforts to make their sim a cosy winter spot. The picture below is taken at OSgrid, Christmas Land. Click to enlarge.  Location on OSG is :

In case you wonder why Red Dragon Sims are not covered with snow ? Because us dragons Hate the friggin Cold. We turned up the heater a notch or 2 and will remain Hot 'n Tropical. So when your AV is done freezing its pixelbutt off, you can come feel the heat and party it warm in our Club.

If you like great scenery, OSG has got many places that are really worth vising. Since the grid upgrade to 0.7 you will find that some sims have become "unavailable" because their either offline, or moved to different locations. But there are many sweet spots still around. Share us yours !

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Grooves

Foxx streaming easylistening music in Red Dragon. Having a relaxed weekend with some great friends from other virtual worlds, we didnt get around to partying last saturday, (well, at least not in any grid). But since we love the sunday morning tunes, we are spinning some in the next hours. Grab your coffee and hop over.

Outside it might be winter, at Red Dragon, its the start of another beautiful day, Updates to this post will follow, first were brunching with Sunday Grooves.