Monday, March 14, 2011

Kokua Viewer issues new Experimental build

What's this kokua doing on a weblog with aurora and opensim as main subjects ? Well, you need a viewer to visit either of those grids. And Kokua  (former Imprudence) is our preferred one. Here the Pastebin with changelog for the Nerds interested people. Its been a while since they updated, so enjoy the new fixxes, features, shiny buttons, and working media to play with.

As for OSG, the dev's issued a new version on 3/3/11, to which we haven't gotten around updating to as yet.  The 16/2/11 one seems to work "best" out of last 3 updates we've tested, but the Red Dragon regions will be updated to the latest version somewhere soon. For news on exiting new stuff in OSG, check this forum topic about the new Myst Regions in OSG. Also  the "Friday Party" at D&J's is back up, and there are speedbuilding contests again. More info on OSG's forums.

Aurora finished it's logo contest. More info on the latest news section in their Blog.To be fair we havent been at it's grid a lot lately, as it doesnt really have a box of LM's at their landing zone yet. Also we lost our sims there at a purge waaaay back (it's a test grid, and thus purged if needed), but the scalable regions and other cool features are too good to be ignored. More on this soon.

You might have noticed the frequency of posts on this Blog is down a bit, but don't worry, if there is spectaculair stuff happening, we will notify you of it (eventually). Really ! For now, play around with your new favorite "screenie" tool after Snagit. ( 3Dvia  captures 3D environment screenies... how nice is that ?.... Enjoy !)