Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Classy stuff

Were i've been ? Mainly been having kick-ass Party's in OSgrid, and troubleshooting /fixing user setups in the past weeks, so it's been a little slow on this Blog.

In the last 4 weeks i have setup 11 regions on the OSgrid. (Others regions). People still tend to run lost in the huge amount of contradicting & outdated information regarding how to setup and install a simulator. And if they manage to find a "working guide" it misses bits, and there still clueless on how to setup the forwarding in their specific brand of router. So they get to stare on the map to the region they can't access.
Or someone gave the great advice that "Your issue must be due to NAT loopback", and people setup loopback adapters. Whilst the problem was a firewall, or a double NAT. And when they fixed the firewall, things still failed, as a Loopback adapter was active, which now shoots them in the foot....
People claim teamviewer ports conflict with OSG. Are you just trolling, or really that ignorant ? In both cases it's not funny for the person that's been trying for hours/days/weeks to get to his region. Regardless the intention.

2 unfortunate souls "did" have a NAT Loopback issue. They got the advice to replace the upstream router for a device that does support it. All others are happily living on their regions now. Because they just suffered a misconfiguration, or a dynamic IP address changed, killing their port forwarding. When installing OSgrid software, and running your region, keep in mind thousands of  users did this before you, and succeeded.  Opensim has been around for many years now, and despite quirks and bugs, this software will work for the majority of its users. IF it is properly configured within the specific environment it resides in.

Now no 2 networks are the same. The basic principles of these networks however are. If your familiar with IP, subnetting, and networking in general, its relatively simple basic stuff. Many of you will have little to no need for additional help, as you do know what a DHCP server is, and also know why you want to run servers on static IP addresses.
For those of you that don't, it is tough to host your own regions. So we have decided to start classes in OSgrid, enabling the people that are interested to at least have a grasp of what you do, and why and how you do it. Classes will cover topics like Opensim architecture & infrastructure, terminology, setting up & troubleshooting your server, maintenance, logging, advanced settings/ set ups, bug tracking / bug reporting. Effectively we try to cover mostly "offline" work, (well, not offline, but outside a viewer).

So we've setup a little project for it, called Class of '16.  Classes will be given by Dan Banner,  Foxx Bode, and other subject matter experts in their respective fields. (For example you can expect Mr Gavin Hind explaining how to install OSgrid on a Mac, or Unix system).  We plan to document all the data used for these classes on OSgrids wikipages eventually, so hopefully we will end with a usable and extensive guide that is up to speed with current standards. So expect fewer updates here, as i will likely be writing other things for a while.

This Friday (18th)  "Singer Girl" will perform Live at OSgrid's Friday event. Don't miss out !