Friday, September 2, 2011

New Build RDS X

Since the latest build doesnt appear to function real well, we started building something new again. The first 2000 prims are in place, which is a good time to show an impression of what the build will look like.

The building to the right are the offices and living quarters, 9 floors with a height of approximately 130 Mtr. In the center there are shopping area's, a roof terrace and the bottom floor is one huge Mall floor.
The swimming pool is located in the center of the left tower, and in the tower top you will find a kick-ass club with spacial 360 Degree seaview. You'll be dancing at approximately 235 meters in the sky.

The pyramid like structure in front of the tower will be an experiment, with a "hovering dancefloor" surrounded by balcony's and it gives access to the water power generator house, which is built on the left, against the mountain. (There is an exit there aswell, leading to my humble home). As it's a work in progres, sims will emerge around it, and the interiors will be built overtime. Feel free to snoop around. Music is provided by Pulse Radio, sim is found by looking for FBI AR on map.