Friday, August 22, 2014

Grid Down

Normally i don't have a chance to write about OSGrid being down, as by the time i press publish all is mostly running again. However, there is a severe outage ( the raid of the asset server went FUBAR ) and this takes a huge chunk of time to fix. OSG has been down for several days now, and there is no ETA ( estimated time of Arrival ) for the fix. This is the longest OSG downtime i have ever experienced in the past 4 years, so i'm quite sure things have broken pretty badly. The best way for you to help fixing things can be found here . Not that it will make things go faster, but you now at least know whats missing in life if you cant login to your beloved home, and i assume most people will agree that the volunteers of OSgrid can use more coffee and pizza whilst fixing things in their free time....

Wrong picca
Wrong pic
So no party at OSG  today, but luckily there are tons of other grids with activities. If you feel an urge to party as well, you can consider to try which has a beach party and some other events today.

Probably more grids will host activities, so you don't need to feel lost without your pixels. Let's hope were welcome to partycrash at the other  grids in the metaverse.
As i rarely use hypergrid it will likely be a royal PITA to find my way around, but were going to at least give it a shot. After all, the show party must go on.

The last OSgrid update i saw on twitter this morning doesn't look very promising, as they are now trying to rent a Voodoo Man to get things operational again. (I assume the rebuild failed).
Update: We have recruited outside help to obtain an estimate for recovery time and cost, we will provide more info as soon as we get it.