Wednesday, December 18, 2019

OSCC 2019, Membership meeting Osgrid, Fresh Yeti build

Last weekend the annual OSCC ( Opensimulator Community Conference ) has been held, and it was well attendend. I personally haven't been on the regions a lot, mainly due to the excellent and high quality livestreams, enabling me to follow all i liked without having to be present in pixel form. Big thumbs up to the organisation for another succesfull conference.

This weekend we also had The OSGrid Membership meeting planned aswell, so to avoid conflicts it was shifted a week prior to OSCC. The meeting logs havent been posted yet, but will appear on the Osgrid wiki sometime soon. Some changes in the board have been announced, AlbertLR will stop his work as Treasurer and hand this function to Wizard as the by-laws of our grid require such shifts.
He will remain admin, and assist OSGrid with administrative and legal work as secretary. The main (and very good) news of this meeting was that Osgrid Inc. for the first time in it's history has a "normal" and healthy surplus bank-balance.

Just before the meeting, a new Yeti Opensim build was uploaded to Osgrid, which you can grab here.  Red Dragon regions have been running Yeti since it was released, without any noticeable issues.

For the last weeks of this year we have a huge christmas party  (friday 27th) in the 'Osgrid pipeline', and possibly (if there is enough interest for it) a "networking session" in which you can learn about NAT,  servers, routers, portforwarding and running Opensimulator from your home on a windows or Linux machine.

Last but not least, Primwords and Speedbuild are running every Thursday on Recreation Plaza. These events are hosted by Snakedance Moonwing and start at 13.00 grid time. If you have never attended, you really should try it at least once. You migth really like it, as those games are quite fun, and very specific to Virtual worlds. After the winners are annouced, Tiggs Beaumont hosts Greedy dice-games at 15.00 on the same plaza.