Friday, February 12, 2016

Promotions & Cornflakes week

Last week i've read an excellent article on Thirza Embers Blog, explaining all the ins and outs on promoting your grid / club / region / product / builds. If you are an Opensim user that feels your work could use more "attention" i urge you read this blog. Despite being in OSG for more than 5 years, some of the "tools" listed in the blog were completely unknown to me. (Bit like some of the brilliant builds where you only end up if someone shows you).

In 10 days, the annual "Cornflakes week" will start. If you have no clue what it means, you can read up on it here. The G+ group is also the place where all events in this week will be listed.

The OSG Friday party of the 26th of February will be themed and renamed to "Mad Friday" for the occasion. Expect a long & Fun Party with our wonderful Friday team of Hosts & DJ's.

This weeks Friday Party has new Danceball, as the updated ClubMaster 2.0 by Aine Caoimhe will be serving you your favorite dances and NPC Dancers.

OSG was experiencing some technical difficulties and apparently logins were temporarily disabled. (resolved).The Friday party only stops if the grid would go offline, and thus you can still join us at Event Plaza if you teleport in via a hypergrid account. Copy past this in map on any grid, and pop over ! Plaza.