Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Version 0.8

All  Red Dragon Regions have been updated to version 0.8.0 of Opensimulator. If you are still running your regions on a 0.7.x build, my advice is to upgrade immediately. We have setup all ini files from scratch as we were running a pretty dated configuration. The performance increase is noticeable. All servers and regions are tested and working fine. This week we will test some of the opensim.ini options, like the ability to see 3 regions further rather than 1. I don't know if and how this will work, because of the 34K prims on a single region, but we will find out soon enough.

All Red Dragon Regions have also been moved to a new domain,
This as my 10 year old DynDNS account caught an error ( Dyn changed a security certificate which my firewall didn't trust, so it terminated the connection). Since the account was grandfathered from Dyns "free" service, it expired as i "forgot" to login and reactivate it within a month. The client in my firewall normally did this automatically and i didn't notice it going down due to the certificate issue
Anyways, no more free DNS, just a FQDN from now on. Also we moved some regions to their own simulator, to offload the Red Dragon Nite Club and Red Dragon Club X regions, and re-mapped all the port assignments.

I''m also working on a shiny new linux box, and hope to get a Diva standalone running on that machine, which can be on 24/7. Likely it will launch somewhere next year. On that server, we will possibly offer some space for Residents to live on. If you are interested in a plot, feel free to contact Foxx Bode inworld.

As i was browsing through my popular search terms in here, i find people looking for private parts on OSgrid. Good one, as you don't get these at the welcome center.....  The freebie HQ on wright plaza has a ton of  free stuff and shops, but due to its G rating, no private parts are allowed there. So for the cool scripted goodies, you will really need to make some friends and ask around. If you look for private parts in OSgrid, a good place to start is by asking around at LBSA plaza. ( and yes, people WILL have an opinion on that ). But no worries, don't feel ashame. we all came here as Ruth, so we know your feeling. Even if you never use it, you still pack one.

 -- Update :( I asked around at LBSA ) : some very helpful people notified me that you can find PG rated items and the appropriate attachments at  Susukino Region ( find it on map). Mind these are Adult regions etc.
NB: * ( Also, you can quit sending me your private parts, i'm good.....Really....Stop it.... unless you built it yourself and its some awesome scripted mesh one, of which i need to own a copy, else please no more....)* .