Monday, May 14, 2012

Red Dragon Regions on Voice

Hi all

OSG voice from Vivox is available for a while now, and they greatly simplyfied the voice application procedure. So as of today all Red Dragon regions run voice by vivox. If you want voice on your region aswell, you can try follow the information below :

3 simple steps (this whole procedure took us less than 10 minutes) :

1. Apply for Voice from Vivox with the form below :
Mind it requires you to use Real life credentials. After filing the form, you will get a verification email. Click the link, and wait for the next mail which contains the data you need to edit in your opensim.ini to arrive.

2. Edit your opensim.ini, and enter the code snippet you recieved via Email into opensim.ini
If unsure where to put it, find "Freeswitch" and place the snippet directly above it. Save file and boot / restart the simulator.

3. Once started, login to your sim, and enable voice in your estate(s) and sim(s). To do so, click the menu - world -region/estate - estate tab & enable  the tickbox to allow voice chat. You have to do this for every region you want to use voice on. Also on each region open the about land (world / about land / Audio tab)
and tick the checkbox from disabled to either parcel or estate channel.
A step by step guide by Kitely on can be found on the link below (includes screenshots):

4. restart sims and test. If it doesnt work immediately, possibly your router / firewall needs some ports opened up. You can find the various ports below.

# Port 80 and 443 - TCP - for Web server (HTTP/HTTPS)
# Ports 5060 and 5062 - UDP - for voice control signals (SIP)
# Ports 3478 and 3479 - UDP - to aid in setting up voice with NAT (STUN)

If it still fails after opening all required ports, and restarting everything, try the hints on this link :

If you need further assistance, you can usually find all the OSG guru's on good old IRC (find direct access to it at the bottom of this page), the OSG forums, and LBSA plaza when inworld. The excellent community on OSG is generally helpful, patient and friendly.

In the rare case that all of the above if that doesn't provide "joy", you either need to hire a voodoo man, or ask KJ from Vivox if he can assist you. (You can get in touch with him by replying to the mail you recieved, with your Vivox credentials).

 Do mind Vivox offers this as a temporary free service at the moment, so please be understanding if you cant get "immediate assistance". If you have high demands, you can also always consider purchasing the software, and get full support on it.