Friday, March 6, 2015

Regions upgraded

Since OSG came back after the short maintenance outage i have upgraded all the online regions to the latest OSG build of 21-02-2015.  I did use my previous INI files, instead of the recommended manual comparison, but will take a long hard look at them when i feel like it later this week.  For now, all appears to work ok, and i try to refrain from "fixing" stuff that isn't broken. The V8 build is down, as there is not enough RAM on my current machine to run all 20 regions. They all have successfully booted so i know they still work, but will remain offline until further notice.

The online regions all run smoothly on their good old MySQL instance, despite me reading somewhere on G+ that the MySQL part in open simulator is not longer maintained, as none of the OSG developers use it any longer. This could eventually affect peoples configurations, and since there are no "release notes" i can only recommend to keep a close look at your .ini files and use Postgre or possibly MariaDB should MySQL fail for whatever reason.

From a user point of view, i experience very little impact of the data crash. Sometimes a message that some texture / script in inventory cannot be found is pretty much the worst i have seen, which is amazing on itself after a disaster causing nearly 6 months of downtime.  Anyways, it's great to have OSgrid alive and kicking again. (And to see all you "oldies" at LBSA).

Tonight, it's party time in Metropolis. D&J's "Close Encounter" region in OSGrid  apparently still needs some love before it can re-open and we can party there, so they will stick to Metropolis for this weeks event.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Logins to OSG temporarily disabled

Yesterday, all Red Dragon X regions have been upgraded to the latest version. Today i was planning to do the V8 builds too, but somewhere between sleeping and waking up, OSG logins were disabled. has the following message : 
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are temporarily shutting off logins for maintenance on the grid.We have a stuck asset server process and have shut off logins as a precaution to prevent any possible asset damage. Also, until we give the all clear, please do not load or save IAR or OARs. Check back with us Sunday March 1 for additional updates.
Some downtime was expected, and more outages will likely follow whilst the OSG team works hard squashing bugs and fixing errors. No stress, as there are no signs that this downtime will take weeks / months again. If the grids back, you are requested to NOT load IAR / OAR files until further notice. (I was kind of expecting that one this weekend, couple of 1000 people found out their home grid is live again, and start hammering the services simultaneously). Be patient. More news on this later today. 
Cornflakes week was a big success and we had a blast at D&J's "Mad Friday" party. Dorothea did an awesome job decorating Close Encounters, and loads of visitors in weird clothing turned up. You can find various pictures in the G+ community if you missed the party's. Better save some space in your agenda's next year, as CFW is intended as an annual event. 

Update : Logins restored