Thursday, September 7, 2017

Summer Cleanup

Loads of things are happening in the OSgrid lately, and i have been skipping a month again with updates. Dispite the few updates and love this Blog get's, the grid we live in is still busy as always. So here's a short list of what's been happening, in a random order :

* The OSgrid map was cleaned, and a massive 4800 regions have been purged. These were all offline for longer than 6 weeks, so mostly tests, failed installs, or just abandoned. This has no influence on your regions, when you boot them up, there back. In the worst case scenario, someone has now taken a mapspot where your offline region used to be. Simply change it's location in your region.ini and restarting your simulator will fix that. 
* As a result map is way more accurate.(less failing teleports).  
* Opensim moved to version 0.9.x. So did the Diva Distro. Along with that, a lot of fixes have been added in the code, so if you're still on some shabby old version, update your regions. 
* Since all the homestead plots were occupied, Zaius plaza has been "cleaned". Meaning that abandoned plots and people that haven't logged in for over 45 days have been "evicted" as per their convenant to make space for newcomers. Should this somehow leave someone without any space to live, feel free to contact an inworld admin. 
* OSG10B had its 10th Birthday. The exhibit regions will not exists much longer, so if you haven't seen the builds there, be quick and check them, to not miss out. 
* Another place that a lot of work is being carried out on, is the backend of the OSGrid website. It's a massive task but getting along quite nicely.  Paella Argus quit the active admin team, to be able to fully devote to the website & it's development. The changelog is found here. 
* Osgrid is organising a Fundraiser. The grid is 100% ran on donations, and altough all is free there, the $1000,+ a month hosting costs are very real. Without our community support OSG cannot exist, and to raise awarenes and gain neccesairy extra funds, a fundraiser program will become active with  events. Read more about it in the OSGrid Forums.