Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gallery Jorink Opened at Red Dragon Store

Today Jorink started on the setup of his Art Gallery, at Red Dragon Store sim. The images represent his very colourfull paintings, which you can also visit, at his Gallery in Deventer, the Netherlands. You can visit his website for a good glance at his works here :

Gallery build in progress
Artist Bio :
Jorink, Born 18-04-62 in Deventer, Netherlands.

Artist lives and works in Apeldoorn. Owns a private Gallery in Deventer.Jorink paints as a volcano in short, intense bursts. Intrepid bold colors, thick juicy paint and deep meaningful figures are the characteristics of his paintings.  His paranormal style is a reflection of his life. His sense of the unknown and individualism reflect in his works.

Below the Mansion on Red Dragon Store, you will find Jorinks Artwork on Display. For further information on his works, you can contact him Inworld on the OSgrid as  "Jorink Devin" or visit his website / Gallery.

If you seek a top spot for your own Artwork, Red Dragon can assist with a variety of spaces, very suitable for expositions. (did we mention its Free ?) Contact us by mail or Notecard for further information. Art, Culture, design, Fun, Party's.
You can all find it at "Red Dragon". Your N1 club on the grids.


As a work in progress is supposed to, here are some new updates to the Blog. Video's with awesome machinima,  links to various handy OSG tools, scripts, textures, a list of clubs in the grid, a map of the 9 sim Red Dragon Region, search functions, links to other OSG weblogs and an Event Calendar, on which you can drop your own OSG events ( If subscribed, this is on invite only, to prevent spammers).
Also a shoutbox, forum, tagcloud, links to various other OSG Blogs, were added. The layout needs work, but the focus remains on relevant content for now.

If you have content you would like to see on these pages, please feel free to hit us with an email, or an inworld NC. (Mind that IM's do not always make it across !!). You will see the layout change overtime, as we add more cool stuff for your convenience.

Also the plans for Red Dragon IX are slowly taking shape, and one of the best builders on OSG has offered to assist building in what is to become the greatest RD Club build in its 4 year history. We will keep you posted on the progress, but as this will be quite a project, don't expect this to finish in this decennium.

Today we also recieved notices a new club opened on the BASE sims. It's called Metropolitan, and as soon as we attend a party there, you will see the pictures appear on our FlickR pages.
Thats all for now, thanks for reading, and check back with us Soon !

Friday, November 19, 2010

Red Dragon Blog

Welcome visitor of the 2d flatweb.

This Blog will update you on events held at Red Dragon Nite Club, in your favorite Grids. Red Dragon was founded in SL 2007 by JamesHenry Palen. The House DJ Foxx Bode bought it, and with help of some friends and a vast community, made it a big & succesfull club. Red Dragon build VII was serving over 4000 members by the time Foxx retired from SL.

In April 2010 the Red Dragon Nite Club in OSgrid was started, and it rapidly grew to 200+ members. This  dispite not having huge events like the ones it's members are acustomed  to. Red Dragon VIII resides on the center of a 9 Sim region, filled with cool fullperms free items. 2 of the sims offer free spaces for your shops / galleries / landmarkgivers / etc.

On november 19th 2010 Red Dragon also opened a 4 sim region on the Auroragrid. This grid is in a testphase, and for now a copy of the OSG red dragon VIII sims is there, but the plan is to create Red Dragon IX there, which should be the "model" for Red Dragon X, the final edition of the 1st generation clubs.

That's all for now, this page will be updated if exiting things happen. Feel free to visit us in any grid. Enjoy the freebies, great tunes, and if you have never done so, 3D worlds can be fun. Were newcomer friendly, and the links that wil appear on this Blog will provide you with the required info to get you started.

Below you will find an event calendar. To prevent it from being spammed, you can mail an access request, after which you will be allowed to post your events, which eventually will also update our twitter feed.