Sunday, March 3, 2013

INI changes in new release of OSG

In  the next OSG release ( 0-7-6-dev-e70c71a ) there are some changes to the ini files. Read the OSgrid news page  for updates on what has changed.  Your current / old config will still work, but you want to keep track of these changes to not get stuck eventually, when upgrading your simulators. Also you miss out on the added functionality when you dont make these changes.

For questions, and help, you can vist IRC freenode #osgrid ( scroll down to the bottom of this page ) or ask any of the greeters / admins in one of the plaza's.

We upgraded our regions to the previous 7.6 as this just came out half an hour ago. Red Dragon Club is running in it's own instance now, which should improve performance. We expect to hit 30.000 prims this month, as were gradually working on details and eyecandy. If you visit, you want Ultra settings to make your GFX card work for it's money.

Every once and a while i get IM's / notecards telling me my sims are down. I am aware of it. If the Red Dragon regions are down, it's generally because of banthwidth requirements for other stuff. Red Dragon exists in many other games, as clan, kinship or group. Generally we only recruit dutch members, as most of the games we play have different servers for different regions of the world, and dutch people understand our gibberish on teamspeak a lot better. Check the pages below for more "Red Dragon" action.

Red Dragon Clan      World of Tanks
Red Dragon Kinship  Lord of the Rings