Saturday, October 8, 2016

Business as usual

Since i feel i can´t get away with posting only an add after not having updated here for so many weeks, here's a small update. I found and cleaned out a bunch of broken links and removed some blogs links which seemed dead. I haven't been building lately, so little progress on the Red Dragon past weeks.

OSG is currently at version which appears to run nicely. Just a reminder, support for megaregions was removed last august. (I know, who cares, but just so you know).
Last month the OSgrid suffered 2 minor outages, both were network related and resolved fairly swiftly. I cannot help noticing that more grids seem to suffer outages lately. 2 days ago metropolis was down for some hours. GCG and Digiworlds are currently offline as well, both have been taken out by hurricane Matthew, killing power in the region.

It seems overall activity in the various grids is growing, more events, art exhibits, hunts, games and other stuff going on.  A trip i can recommend is the ride on Fest AVi 2016 which is just awesome. You can find it on the Francogrid. And if you like to explore in groups, join the HG safari, that visits a different grid / region each week.

So what's going on in the OSgrid. Joao plays his ukulele on Tuesdays on the Almost Islands, DJ's Sirius & Aussie started a mid week Wednesday party on Event plaza, the date for the Halloween party is known, (see below). The Friday party still up & running weekly, we have Singergirl performing next Friday, every Saturday there is a community meeting at Wright plaza and a party at Mirrors, The Maritime club has it's great live performers singing and playing for you every Sunday. So no need to be bored when your not building, shopping, or browsing the various regions.

The OSCC is comping up on December 10th, preparations for that are in process. They are still looking for volunteers, so if you're interested in participating, click here, for general info, hit the homepage here :