Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some clubs within the club

Yen-Yang stylish
 Just some random picca's of the various area's in the Red Dragon Nite Club. Currently our sims contain 7 area's / clubs, each with their own style and atmosphere. From stylish modern trendy dancehall to chillout bluerooms. Various podia and stages, 16 fully decorated hotelrooms, a 100+ seat conference room are available for your leisure.

Chillout area "BlueRoom"
Linedancing & ballroom area's are under construction. So are plans for a decent pool. After all, a good club needs a pool... Still 3 full sim floors to build on, so we will try to put that in someday. (Building is slow lately, were busy with a lot of other stuff).

Linedance area should arise here

Were currently one version behind on the Latest OSG version, and likely to update next weekend.

We still could use some good (scripts for) linedances. Anyone ?

Were slowly buiding new area's in Red Dragons main building, on the upperfloors. Likely these will become only accessible by teleporters.
Where at a whopping 17K prims, so when TP-ing in, give the sim a minute to load.