Sunday, August 7, 2011

Performance issues

Regular visitors of the Red Dragon Nite Club might have noticed the sim is "down" a lot lately. This is due to the fact that we appear to have some issues with lag which just wont go away. Since the last 2 updates, it's hard to move around the sim, without getting that frustrating SL feeling.

Where we used to run 26 islands on this machine quite fine, we're now stuck on a single sim instance that runs like it's installed on a 286. Both OSG and Imprudence push one of the processor cores to it's max for some reason. The very same build runs blistering fast in aurora, so my best guess is somethings borked in my OSG setup or scripts again. Until a new version arrives, this means you might not be able to get to the club. It's no use having it up, when you can only cam around and hardly move. Since it's holiday season it's not real busy anyway, but if you cant get to RD,  you now at least know why. No worries though, we will be back when the summer is over and when there is a more "usable" version again.