Thursday, October 16, 2014

Status OSgrid

The following exempt was captured from IRC  on October. 15th

< leTwitch> The news is, there really isn't much new to tell. Three different organizations spread geographically all over Texas are all struggling with a broken raid volume. We get two steps forward and one back; be patient. There really isn't a good way to give an eta on work like this; once we can certify that we have the volume back in a readable form, then we can start pinning down certain tasks and registering progress. Even then, ETA's will be just that *estimated* time to arrival.

< leTwitch>  The real showstopper at this juncture is that the data recovery folks can see the data, but when they ship it to the data-center and we get it hooked up to the server, we cant. So right now what’s happening is a straight up dump of the paths and directories to a big volume (single partition). The last thing that didn't work for us was a set of partition copies. The thing we’re doing now is the last trick up the sleeve of the engineer doing the data recovery; if this doesn't work, we’ll be left with nothing more to do than rebuild the server and start rebuilding from archives. My understanding is, we don't pay anything if they don't get our stuff back, so if that's how it winds up, we’ll be talking with them about getting back what we have already paid them.

< leTwitch> so if nothing else, the end of the waiting will soon come to pass.
< leTwitch> we’ll be moving forward one way or another.
< leTwitch> Heh, I guess that is news of a sort.
< leTwitch> o/

For those of you that don't understand the technical stuff, there working hard on getting OSGrids data fixed. 2 previous attempts to recover the  data have (partially) failed, and now there is a last try. If that fails, they will be left with no other options than to start restoring the grid from archives. But, it isn't over unless the data-recovery dudes give up... (And, would you walk away of $ 5000,- and your firms reputation easily ? I guess the data-recovery people think the same.) 

So keep fingers your fingers crossed, and be patient. OSG will not be back next weekend though. If you moved your stuff to metro for the time being, please read the topic below. 

If you want to keep up to speed with every update, check this forum topic maintained by Lani Global. Oh, and on forums, don't feed the trolls please....  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Grid Donations, help needed.

OSgrid spent most of its resources getting all data back after the grid crashed, so continued donations are really required to get & keep the grid back up on it's feet. You can hit the banner on the right column, to help out our favorite grid. Much appreciated.

Meanwhile me, and a lot of the OSgrid residents are sheltering in Metropolis grid. I already had my inventory there, but according to this topic on their news pages, there having a hard time coping with all the new data, and are severely lacking of funds to keep it operational. (Severe, as in less than  $ 100,- in active funds ).

Hence i opened paypal, and dropped €5,- in their donation box. I hope some of you OSG residents out there can spare €5,- bux to do the same. Metro has the courtesy to provide us with a safe haven now our favorite grid is down, the least we can do is help them cope with the costs of our "visit". Over 600 residents made an account there since OSG went down,  so if even half would make even a one time donation, they would be without headaches at least till OSG is back up.
You can donate for Metro by clicking here .