Thursday, January 27, 2011

OSGrid Downtime scheduled

OSG scheduled some downtime to work on their backend databases. With the Grid migration to 0.7 they didnt manage to convert all databases without several days of downtime, so the part wasn't done back than, is being handled now.  Also a new release was issued on the OSG website. Read all about it on the OSgrid News page and especially if you run a sim, as the update also contains some useful information regarding changes to the Opensim.ini. All of the above should improve overall performance of the simulators & the grid.

 Yesterday there was one of LBSA's infamous spontanious party's again, and typically, just before the downtime kicks in, it will likely be loaded again. (For some strange reason, when downtime is announced it is busy around LBSA).
Mind that the upgrade will involve an estimated downtime of 24 hours, so don't get anxious if you can't login. OSG will keep you informed via twitter and their news pages about the status. If you really want to keep a close eye on the progress, you could try IRC.

You have only 2 days left to submit your Logo to the Aurora Logo Contest. 48 hours should be enough to still create something awesome, and earn eternal glory. This weeks region showcase will be posted after the grid upgrade.