Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maps cleaned, new version released, events

On the 19th of februari, the map purge in OS cleaned all the sims that have been off line for longer than 2 weeks.  5555 regions remained online, whilst now, two days later its almost back at 7000 online regions. According to the twitterfeed on OSgrid the 0.7.3 version that was released today no longer requires the use of opensim32bit.launcher.exe for 64 bits systems. It is still included with the download.

Red Dragon's old regions are removed, and we will go back to a 3x3 region soon, in which the current FB sims will be renamed and put back on their previous locations. Also we will start testing some small scale events in the weekends. Not your average midnight danceparty, but chillout sessions in the morning, with musical themes and maybe a guest DJ every once and a while. We will keep you posted.