Sunday, April 12, 2015

Regions upgraded

All Red Dragon regions (including the currently offline v8 Build) have been upgraded to the latest & greatest version of Opensimulator.  The old builds will remain offline, as i simply don't have enough RAM to keep all up & running.  The server runs triple channel RAM, which is ridiculously expensive compared to normal RAM, so upgrading is not really an option. I will have to save up some cash for a new Main-board / CPU / RAM ). Mean whilst i do keep all regions "up to speed" so i can boot them at my leisure.

This morning i attended a party in Littlefield Grid, which had it's 2nd anniversary. They have a small but lively community of friends, and occasionally i try to pop in. (only when they go to bed real late, and i get up real early. ( Most of LFG's inhabitants are US residents, whereas i am in Europe. Meaning they generally sleep when i'm awake and vice versa). If you want to peek around,  LFgrid is reachable via hypergrid through the region "Littlefield Gateway" in OSgrid.

Loads of stuff is happening again, since OSgrid is back alive. Apart from a whole range of "lost friends" that found their way back, a lot of new regions came live. You can find many of them in the Wright Plaza Travel Centre if you like to visit any, and if you happen to be a sim host, you can submit your own regions there as well.

Also the splash screens of OSgrid changed, and they display an array of nice locations now for you to visit. (Hurrah, we made it to the front page too !).  To all people running an older version of opensimulator ( anything below verion 0.8 ) i urgently suggest you read this article. And upgrade ASAP.

(* sorry for the shabby images, when exporting them they get crooked dimensions, and I didn't feel like snapping the pictures again. Looks better "live" anyways, so feel free to visit us in the OSgrid.).