About Us

The Red Dragon Nite club.... hmm. i wrote this before... click here.  Read up through the 100+ posts, and you're up to speed. You can find my public profile stuff over here, should you have interest in my pixel personality.

If you used to visit us in SL, you will appreciate this TUNE. Our OSG regions still run Puls Radio, like in the old days. (you can find their player on the frontpage links section). The group in SL still exists, but we are not actively maintaining it any longer.

After being pretty active in the community for over 5 years, i've been invited to join the OSGrid Administrator Team in februari 2016, and help out where i can with various OSgrid & it's online community related jobs. FYI, these tasks do not include mental healthcare, social work, police work, psychological assistance, or assistance with 'interpersonal drama' you might have with others. (regardless of who your are).

If  you want to find more Red Dragon , find us in the online MMO Lord of the Rings Online, or if you like Frags, Red Dragon in World of Tanks. For any other games you'd like to play in, report in our Steam Community group.  More information can be found on my domain MadFoxx.net which is a bit dated and needs some love, however.

Disclaimer thingy :

Pictures in this Blog that i didn't create myself, mostly come from Google images. (you didn't think i could make all that great stuff, now did you). I don't link any image, but uploaded them into this Blog directly, If you have any objections because you have digital rights to any of the material posted here, feel free to send me a take down request. This Blog has no adds or income. It's just a source of information with no commercial intentions. If your picture is here, Great ! You made an awesome picture.... you only did a shitty job on explaining rights and use of them on the place i got it from. If you would like to be mentioned as source, i'm more than happy to comply.

We do not run ads or links other than Metaverse related items. We do not take any responsibility on any of the information posted in here, the use of this Blog, or if your computer explodes after visiting (or following advice from) this site. We have some links to sites that could be classified as "shady" at best, so always take your security at heart and scan anything you download !

For all we are concerned, you can use / copy / grab anything published here (other than pictures, see above) and use in any way you very well please.