Monday, June 3, 2013

the 100.000+ prim Beast

I retrieved the 9 center regions of the old RD V8 build. The rest was mainly terrian and sea anyways, so of less interest. It gave me back 48972 prims, which were once lost on a broken disk. Along with the 55443 prims that exist on club X islands & shops, Red Dragon regions now have over 104.041 prims online when all its regions are up. As  you can see it eats 90% of the machine's RAM, but this includes a viewer, browser, and bunch of other programs and services, so it isn't all that bad. These 6 simulators in the picca  hold a total of 18 regions, of which 4 are sea only, and 4 are low prim areas ( less than 5000 prims). I try to balance heavily loaded regions, with light or empty ones.
(FYI 5 backups exist of which 2 offsite, and 1 online. So even if my house gets nuked, my OAR's are safe now....).

All  FBI regions are renamed and placed  right above the V8 build for now, but they might be relocated a bit to keep space between Red Dragon and it's neighbours. RD builds are pretty huge compared to normal standards, and we don't want to spoil people's view. All regions have a name with Red Dragon in it now and are located next to eachother, so were easy to find. Feel free and come check out how we stacked all these prims into a huge build. Red Dragon Club. The 100.000+ prim Beast :).