Thursday, December 30, 2010

Voice for OSG

Its been boiling & cooking for a while, but it's finally arrived. The mumble voice solution for OSG called "whisper" has been released. You can find instructions and download it HERE. It will hopefully soon be implemented / avaiable for various viewers aswell. Server module, client and source code are available in our Links section.

Auroragrid has opened up its own portal pages, so you can get the latest news and progress on it directly at the source, by visiting

One OSG update was issued last week, and there have been rumors on a new update, which again will be mandatory to remain connected. Read the latest update on it HERE.

This leaves us with the last news update of this year, being the Red Dragon VIII being ended in the first quarter of next year. We will start working on a smaller but more suitable region for our new build, the Red Dragon IX. Shops & galleries will remain at a nearby region.

Red Dragon wishes you a Happy 2011 and be carefull if you play with fireworks.