Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aurora brings Scalable Regions, OSG issues update

It's been a while since the latest update. This due to the fact that after the couple of days of outage due to the upgrades, our regions appeared to suffer from random crashes. Since than, OSG issued 3 newer releases, and the last one seems ok so far, qua stability. The Dev's keep pushing it forward, hammering out the bugs. Some new OSG admins have been assigned (Key & Rev), and loads of stuff is happening again. Spring is in the air.....  

Also the aurora team comes with new stuff. After Aurora-Sim being the first to use CAPS communication, and extended OpenRegionSetting - which supports vertical parcelling and many more extra features - now team Aurora is proud to announce the release of the first fully functional variable sized regions. The variable sized regions are based on multiples of 16, currently ranging from 64 meters up to 256 standard SL regions combined. for more info, click the Full Article on their site. 

For the region showcase ( have been lazy and not roaming around the grid too much ) please refer to the last pages in the Februari release of the OS Gazette newspaper. You can find those at the kiosks in the OSG plaza's.  With the map being clean now, teleporting will be better. (4500+ dead regions purged, and a bi-weekly check will keep it nicely accessible). This does mean that when your sim is offline for over a week, the map spot will be released. (start the sim and its back, unless someone took "your" spot). Thats all for now, please check back soon.