Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1st "The 274th day"

Since the last month this Blog looks more like a party advertisement wall than a blog, i will not put up a giant poster today for tomorrows "Friday Event".  All i will say about it is that a "mystery DJ" from the hypergrid will come spin some tunes.
To keep track of events all over the metaverse, you can try this link which does not have all events listed, but sufficient for you to be ability to party every day, should you desire to do so.

Soooo, whats this weeks news. Nothing much really. Red Dragon Regions have all been updated to the latest and greatest build, and i still need to check where i borked with the new implementation of search, as it does not seem to work for me yet. (i tend to recycle my .ini files, so manually have to add in any changes). If you run the same version, and think WTH is he ranting about, read this link to get up to speed with the implemented changes.

Later this month, i will add the above INI changes in the help document. It's somewhat a chaotic long-read, but it can be extremely useful. This as i troubleshoot user setups on a near to weekly basis, and keep seeing the same mistakes / configuration problems. Hence i keep adding them to the document, so i don't forget, and others can benefit. Mind the document doesn't list install procedures ( there giant wiki's forums and video's for those) nor bugs (which should be filed in Mantis for Opensimulator). It's a pure, "what if my OSgrid installation on windows doesn't work" text and a list of caveats and errors. Add-ons, corrections or additional hints / tips always welcome.

Tip of the day: Open your installation folder of OSGrid. Apart from a BIN folder, there is also a folder called Optional. Open it and copy OpenSim.exe.config into your BIN folder. Overwrite file. Restart region. Less console spew, nice "chopped" logs and other instant handiness. (Obviously only do this after you verified your region is installed properly and works as intended). The optimized opensim.ini will likely need some editing to get it working as desired in your particular environment.

Last but no least. This post is one i wrote almost 6 months ago.When did you make your last OAR / IAR ? Just mentioning.