Friday, November 22, 2013

D&J 5th year anniversary

Friday 22-11 i attended the 5th anniversary of D&J's and celebrated with what is likely the oldest club in the metaverse. For the occasion we were not on the close encounter ( D&J Home region ) but you can visit the region by finding  "Feriae Quinquennial" on the map.

With 5 years of non stop party's every friday, (and trust me, i have done so for 3 years in SL. this takes dedication, devotion, and loads of it ) Dorothea and Jay are true "Pillars of Community". Respect, and a big thanks for all the fun & good times are in place here, and i assume i can safely post this is on behalf of a lot of OSG residents. Keep rocking, and hope to be at the 10 year celebration as well.

The party was great, and busy, I saw a lot of familiar names (couldn't recognise anyone, as all were dressed up in Roman outfits), and also talked to some people i hadn't seen in months. If you have some spare time, you should visit this region just to check out the build. It is detailed, and beautifully made.
A Video impression thingy of the party can be found HERE .