Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gallery Jorink Opened at Red Dragon Store

Today Jorink started on the setup of his Art Gallery, at Red Dragon Store sim. The images represent his very colourfull paintings, which you can also visit, at his Gallery in Deventer, the Netherlands. You can visit his website for a good glance at his works here :

Gallery build in progress
Artist Bio :
Jorink, Born 18-04-62 in Deventer, Netherlands.

Artist lives and works in Apeldoorn. Owns a private Gallery in Deventer.Jorink paints as a volcano in short, intense bursts. Intrepid bold colors, thick juicy paint and deep meaningful figures are the characteristics of his paintings.  His paranormal style is a reflection of his life. His sense of the unknown and individualism reflect in his works.

Below the Mansion on Red Dragon Store, you will find Jorinks Artwork on Display. For further information on his works, you can contact him Inworld on the OSgrid as  "Jorink Devin" or visit his website / Gallery.

If you seek a top spot for your own Artwork, Red Dragon can assist with a variety of spaces, very suitable for expositions. (did we mention its Free ?) Contact us by mail or Notecard for further information. Art, Culture, design, Fun, Party's.
You can all find it at "Red Dragon". Your N1 club on the grids.

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