Sunday, November 21, 2010

Events in weekends

In following of the great "Friday party'"s at D&J's close encounters region, Red Dragon Nite club will start firing various events in the weekends. Information on events can be found (and posted) in the event calendar at the bottom of this Blog. Our goal is to provide the community with some fun, outside the "maintaining your sims" role most have on this grid.

As we know there are many more DJ's than clubs in OSG, we hope to provide a podium where you can come share the fun, so if you feel like having a session, feel free to contact us, to schedule an event. We can provide in both the space to party, as in a stream, however, DJ's with an own stream are preferred (less strain on the sims, as these are on the same server as our shoutcast).

Also, if you have your own venue, keep us informed of what, when, where, and we will make sure to share your efforts to enjoy the community reaches our members and visitors.  If you drop us a landmark and picture of your sim / shop / club we will place it on our Wall of Fame, which is located in our shopping region.

If there are no active events, it's still fun to look around and grab some of the full perm stuff on the 9 sims the Red Dragon is built upon. You can find all kinds of cool stuff and places like : D&J's furniture, Fluffy's gestures, Lalinda's Finest, Perfect Pillars, Gallery Jorink, some picuters of Red Dragons history, *RDS*- Design textures and prims, a huge photostudio, 3 clubs, a pop podium, a cinema, our wall of fame, some very relaxed scenery's (great for Photosessions), skybuilds like our must-have Air balloon and  Blimp, and much, much more.

Hope to see you around @ the -* Red Dragon Nite Club *-

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