Tuesday, November 23, 2010

VidaVirtual Serving the Community

Since OSgrid made the jump to 0.7 a lot of time of the Dev's has likely been going to troubleshooting and stabilising things. (Thumbs up for that). Since the website lost some of its social functionalities, various alternatives have been provided by the community, like this very blog. And many others had similar ideas.

Today I registered at Fernando Olivera's site called Vidavirtual . Fernando is the owner of the Festa24 regions in OSgrid. His webby is a very nice community site, with all the features and whistles one could ask for. If your a OSG user, missing the wire, a place to upload pics etc, you definetely want to check it out.

Also other pages emerged,  like Open-sim.nl on which OddBall Otoole is planning to post script collections and tuturials, are worth a visit. Check out the links to the blogs, pages and other goodies. They are updated regularly, with all the stuff you just needed.

Well, back to the Band that Hijacked LBSA plaza tonight. Yeah you read it right. Sometimes, all wake up, grab their drums and guitars, they hop on the mic, and entertain the newcomers :) Spontanious party's in no script zone's. Curious ? Grab a viewer from the downloads and join us......

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