Friday, November 26, 2010


Each Blog needs a TGIF topic, and so does this one. Today is Friday, (at least, it is in this part of the world) which means it's Party time at D&J's Close Encounters Region. Hostess "Doro" and DJ "Jay" are active in OSG for quite a while, and run a weekly event to entertain it's residents. Visit and  you will find many of the "familiar faces" running around OSG, and possibly meet some new.

As you might have experienced OSG doesn't have a huge number of organised events, manly due to the nature of the home connections on which many sims reside, and many residents using it as private retreat, sandbox, testproject, etc. Red Dragon will start organising weekly events, mainly party's, but were also considering themed events, possibly classes, and maybe even some "live music". Keep track of this page and you will keep informed of where and when there's any action.

Since not all seem to have noticed, Profile, Picturs, Interests, Picks, they all work. Add your favorite places, so others can find the same great places you visit.

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