Thursday, December 9, 2010

Page Success !

Bade Plaza Tower
I have recieved a lot of nice responses on this shiny new Blog, and we just hit the 1000 pageviews, which is pretty cool for a 3 week old page. It also indicates people love to have news and updates on their favorite grids, so we will try and keep things running here. Thank you for your interests & feedback sofar. The real goodies are down in the links section though, updated regularly. All the tools & goodies you need to make the prim / texture / sculpt / mesh / scripted stuf you always wanted to have. 

I feel small....
Since LBSA plaza (the welcome area, and "hangout" of OSG) was down this morning, I decided to hop around the grid a bit and shoot some pictures to put in this article. The one above is Bade Plaza, of which i just love the architecture. Click the picture for a higher resolution image. Notice my AV in the 2nd picture, left bottom corner, so you get an  idea on the size of that tower. Bade Plaza is easily reachable by the Plaza teleporters, that are found everywhere in OSG.

The picture to the left and below are shot on a region named Zapping3 which is a steamworks build in it's characteristic rusty metal look. I got tipped on that one by the OSG forums, so decided to fly in and capture some pixels. Very nice spot, good for a closer look, as you can see. 

I also recieved some questions on why the Red Dragon club and Stores are not reachable, or why people can't teleport to "fill in region here". The reason is simple. Many OSG users host their own sims, from their own homes. And I, for one, shut down my servers when i go to sleep. Which results in an average uptime of 16 hours a day. This means that when you connect and you get a destination unreachable, likely the sims are disabled. The only thing you can do is try again later. 

For other regions, it's advisable to do a search, and IM the region owner. After the grid upgrade last month, some users relocated or even renamed their sims. Sometimes a region is supposed to be up, but crashed in the background while the sim owner is unaware. (For example : A region can crash / hang when people try to login when the sim is still starting up. Workaround for that is available HERE ). Also people come and go, some regions will simply no longer exist. These will be removed from the map, when the grid administrators purge it to clean it up. With thousends of regions it should not be too hard finding a "live" one, and generally there are always people at the plaza's to help out if you run stuck, or dont know where to go. Keep exploring. There are beautiful things to be discovered. 

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