Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sneak Peek

On Red Dragons Wall Of  Fame, you will find landmarkgivers to various regions and venues in OSG. Eevery once and a while, we put up one with a "Sneak Preview" This is an LMgiver with no picture displayed. Often it indicates a sim or region that has not opened to public yet, or is awaiting loadtests. In any case, chances are small you will have seen it before, as these regions tend to be sparkly new and still in development.

This weeks "new kid on the block" is Club Shark. Hosted in the US by Reo Landar, on a single region. The sim took a full week to build, and there working on the finishing touches before they can open the gates to the masses. We have been there already and "Approved it to Party". Stylish modern build, a nice wide dancefloor, stage, a variety of dances, and an own unique atmosphere, with awesome light and FX like a club is supposed to have. We advise you to go check it for yourself. You can find this club on Sharks Region in OSG. We have no ETA on the opening party for club Shark yet, but likely you will find an announcement on the region when the doors officially open to the public.

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