Sunday, December 5, 2010

Club Omega Kraftworks, MyOpenGrid, and upcoming News

Omega Kraftwork Club
I missed their opening party yesterday, But here is a screenshot of what the new Club Omega Craftwork looks like. I do recommend to go and watch for yourself (find it at Omega Region in OSG), as it is a Dynamic Lightshare environment, filled with animations, light, smoke and particle effects, which are hard to capture in static imaging. It looks very appealing, and has a great atmosphere.

Soon Red Dragon will start posting Region Showcases, of places worth to visit in OSG / Aurora and where you can find the action.

Also a new Grid found its way to the internets. It can be found here : and has a fair share of the users you normally found in OSG, trying their luck in a new Grid. Since the upgrades to 0.7 some stability problems hit the OSgrid, which results in a small exodus of people that prefer stability over innovation, or are simply unable to overcome the issues that haunt & frustrate them. They try their luck in other grids.
To connect to Myopengrid, use in the Grid Manager after you made an account on the page above. Red Dragon will not track or start sims in this grid, but will keep you posted if we get any news on it.

That's all for now, check back soon for the 1st official Red Dragon "Region Showcase". This will be a photo article of a region in OSG, and a small interview with it's owner (s).

Note : a new OSgazet themed "FUN" is available (issue 8) at the newsstands. Might want to grab a copy, as you cant have too much of that. Newsstands can be found at most plaza area's in OSG.
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