Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AuroaraGrid Update Available

Today a new version of Aurora server was released. You can grab your copy by clicking HERE . The version is already pre-complied for you. For instructions on how to connect to aurora, please visit the the Infopage.

Some major changes were made, to the backend technology. Aurora uses it's own script engine now ( No rubust, no Xengine, its now called Aurora.Server and for what we've been told, its blazing fast. (Estimated 4-7 times more speed than OSG , but don't pin us on these numbers, mileage may still vary depending on your machine & network infrastructure).
Above means that there is no OSG compatibility any longer, so connecting to the OSgrid with an aurora server will be impossible (at start it looked like aurora was maintaining compatibility, but they chose their own path now).  If you create a setup for Aurora, make sure to use different databases for OSG and Aurora, so you dont find yourself in a world of pain. Keep posted on updates, as the Aurora team changes builds faster than you change underwear. Also the Login process is about to change, we will post more updates when we have relevant news on it.

We also found 1 tiny issue. If you import an OAR, you become the creator of all prims you imported. So a humble apology to all the OSG creators, if you have problems with us having your creations on one of our Aurora regions, without you being labeled as the creator, feel free to notify us. Don't worry about any -*RDS*- stuff you have. As long as you do not SELL our builds, you can do as you please with them, and we don't mind our name not being there as creator.  Early christmas present, in the form of No Hassle.

Other news : NotePad++  updated to support LSL a bit better.

Please check the response from a member of the Aurora Development team HERE for the "Inside Facts" on above article. Credits & Thnx to WhiteStar Magic.

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Anonymous said...

Aurora Corrections.
1) OARS are designed by Justin Casey Clark os.core developer. We are using the same process with a few performance enhancements. No Incompatibilities. The issues of Restoring an OAR to a StandAlone or another grid are the same as always in regards to Creator & Owner. Also similar issues exist with IAR files. NOTE: We have also started to further enhance Content Security by designing in an Export Flag for Content which With a Viewer Patch will allow Export or Not, just like Copy,Mod,Transfer Flags. This is to further help protect Creator Content.

2) We do have a different script engine, Micro-Threading and more performant with many added functions than os.core. Not Incompatible in any way unless you use our added functions.

3) The Fact that we no longer use ROBUST because we evolved it further is not relevant to compatibility as that is strictly back-end functionality for a Grid Server. This has nothing to do with Compatibility to OSGrid or others. (It's an enhanced / Streamlined Version of what is known as ROBUST).

4) Our Databases are somewhat different and the structure is extended due to additional capabilities. In Addition we also have a newer and enhanced SqLite Driver which extended SqLite ability should you not want to use MySql or Maria-DB.

5) I personally created the NotePad++ userDefined Definitions for LSL which I will be posting to the NPP Source Forge within the next day or two. This contains not only all the Latest LSL functions from SL (including some which have not even been posted to their Wiki yet) but also all the osFunctions from OpenSim Core, + all the added osFunctions, aaFunctions, botFunctions, lsFunction and remainder from Aurora. I am also extending LSLeditor with these added functions and capabilities.

Our code is indeed changing fast as we are in rapid development and evolution, along with more dev's coming online with the project, it will further accelerate and reasult are being seen as response to issues is very fast.

WhiteStar Magic, Team Aurora.