Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aurora Compatibility with OSG

After last weeks topic on Auroragrids Update we recieved some great feedback from a few of its developers, clarifying a few misperceptions regarding its workings and development. To continue on that note, you can scrap the " No OSG compatibility " as of today there is a binary available that CAN connect to OSG.
You can find a pre-compiled version of it HERE  .

The Aurora team proves very devoted, in both building great new code, and on keeping it's community up to speed with the latest relevant info. This confirms the last words of Whitestars earlier response : "Our code is indeed changing fast as we are in rapid development and evolution, along with more dev's coming online with the project, it will further accelerate and result are being seen as response to issues is very fast."
Well, from a users perspective thats great news, and we love the input. Thanks, and keep it up !

The quickest way to get in touch with Aurora-Dev team yourself, should you have questions, is by scrolling down to the  IRC webapp which you can find completely at the bottom of this page. More information on Aurora and its setup can be found in our links section.
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