Thursday, December 16, 2010

LBSA Christmas Theme

Santa Dev's flew through the Plaza, and uploaded a charming Christmas theme to OSG's landing area overnight. They worked hard in the last year, with all upgrade's and bugs, and the revamp, and despite the moan an groan and tons of questions they get, still being friendly and open to your community and doing little things like this for all of their users. I say they deserve a christmas card of us all. You can mail one HERE and the little mail elves will likely take care of all the rest. On behalf of Red Dragon and all its members, we thank you for your efforts, this community, and the freedom we enjoy here. Amen.

Tomorrow is this years LATEST PARTY in D&J's Close Encounters region, so make sure not to miss out on one of the last chances you have to wish your friends in the community some happy holidays.
Saturday, CyberBohemia has a new Vernissage with Art from H.J. Kaeppeler , themed Mask & Pantomime. You can find more info below in our Calendar, or by visiting their sims or website.

And afterwards, well it will be Santa-time. Enjoy, and make sure to check back inbetween. We will keep updating the threads when info reaches us. Also  dont forget to check the Blogs down below in our links sections. They also get updated regilarly. ( Hypergridbuisiness for instance has a nice article with stats and details on general Opensim Growth over the past year, koinup recieves daily pictures etc. etc. ).

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