Friday, August 9, 2013

I know this place...

It is situated in OSgrid. It is said to be a club.It's big. Possibly the biggest club in the metaverse. It has the following "features" for leisure and entertainment : A  hotel, 2 cinema's, various podia (classic, rock, dance, themed) some club areas, (about a dozen) a couple of pools & hot tubs, a restaurant, bars, beaches, a port with boats and a lighthouse ( in progress)  3 travel centers, various shops like : D&J furniture, Lalinda's, Perfect Pillars, Fluffy's Gestures, RDS design, and Jorinks Art Gallery. You can find some photo gallery's, 2 photo studio's, a club in a planet in a building below a pool. Furthermore there are about 9 very spacious apartments, a couple of homes, some small, some sim wide, it has tropical area's,  futuristic area's, mountains, seaside, some gardens & parks, various fountains and waterfalls, caves, hidden places  and more...

Shops and goodies are scattered over 18 regions, and its easy to get lost. Some areas are built underground, some over water, and almost every build has multiple floors. The largest buildings are over 200 mtr, and the regions combined carry well over 100.000 prims. The regions are filled with many items collected and built in OSgrid over the past years. Many of them are full perm.
Some of the area's are still empty, and many area's still need a lot of work, but the regions tend to have their own unique atmosphere, (playing with daylight, ar large view range and high GFX settings  are recommended when visiting.) .

What can be found in the shops ? DJ & club gear, dance balls, furniture, swords & blades, pillars, art, textures, gestures, buildings, trees, boats, airships, and various other things. We are still looking for people that want to put up a shop with their freebies at one of our locations. There is plenty of free space available. If you have boxes of things you like to share, equip them with an LM if you have your own place, and drop them at one of the mailboxes, or directly in the CEO's inventory. You will find them back at the markets on the regions. This can also be done if you want to have your sims displayed on our Wall of Fame, or in the travel centers.

You are welcome to visit in these regions every weekend. You can find them by opening your map and find the Red Dragon Nite Club. All regions are adjacent and named Red Dragon.

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