Monday, August 5, 2013

The Aftermath & party pictures

Yesterday, after a first attempt at the "Primwords" game (hurray, I was in the winning team) the closing event of OSG6B was held at OSG6B central. In case you missed these party's last weekend, you can still check the picca's. You can find these on the following links:

OSG forums album by Lani Global
OSG Forums by Key Gruin
Vid of OSG6b East by  MoritunaWatanabe

OSG's  Gallery's will also have pictures, but you will have to search people's albums. ( great place to check more awesome pictures of builds from past to present).

The party's I attended were well visited, and lively, so good fun. A whole lineup of DJ's playing a variety of music, and live performances completed this years event. I assume the exhibits will remain up for a while longer, but you don't want to wait weeks before fetching all the goodies and LM's. These sims eventually are removed.

The Red Dragon build has seen various new visitors, from the USA to Japan, and received nice feedback. So it's very likely we will be present again next year. We thank OSG and it's community for their mutual input, and making it possible to participate and visit this great event. Thanks ! It was fun.

Oh, and if you just stumbled over this Blog, go Here, create yourself a free account, download a viewer here, install it, select OSgrid from the login screen, and login with the account details you just filed. You can afterwards share in all the fun, and this Blog will make more sense to you....

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