Sunday, August 4, 2013

Travelcenter and OSG6B Closing Event

Red Dragon installed the travel centre on 2 locations, Red Dragon Nite Club, and Red Dragon Shops. From there, you can now travel trough to various places OSG and the hypergrid have to offer. You can update your own, or request placement of your LM and picture on the main center in Wright Plaza. 
We also erected a smal exhibit on OSG6B west, where you can read the Blog, check some pictures of the various Red Dragon Builds, and grab some goodies.

OSGrid 6th birthday closing event will be held 1pm gridtime /pst ( This is 22.00 CET for us europeans) at OSG6B Central.Dont miss out on the last party of OSG's 6th Birthday.

“The Maritime Club on the Road”  for osgrid 6th birthday bash is featuring the following line up :

1 pm DJ Jazzy Chatterbox - classic southern rock and blues
2 pm Joaquin Gustav – live Argentinian smooth jazz guitar
3 pm truelie ellen – all original folk noir / country punk live from Nashville
3.30 pm casias falta – originals and classic blues live from Detroit
4 pm truelie ellen
4.30 pm casias falta 
5 pm DJ Stiofain X - rare irish vinyl and eclectic rock

Feel free to join and meet up with the wonderful people in OSG, and enjoy the tunes.

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