Sunday, August 18, 2013

Red Dragon at Wright Plaza

As of last week, Red Dragon Nite Club has a small shop on Wright Plaza in OSGrid. When you drop in at the landing zone, you will see it on your right side. Were across "Sarah's Creations" and have M Spiritor and Rigid as our neighbours.  Audio on the plot is powered by Pulse Radio, and there are some nice freebies to fetch. If you allow the media to play, you will get served this Blog, so you can read up on the latest topic here. Upstairs is a mini dance floor and some lights, to get into the clubby groove.

Our version X regions are generally up every evening, the V8 build is only on in weekends. The pictures displayed on the shop will provide in landmarks to the varions Red Dragon islands. If TP fails, the regions are down. If i'm online, my regions generally are as wel. If not, feel free to send an IM.

Especially when new to OSGrid, wright plaza is a very good place to start your virtual explorations in this world. It has many shops with a diversity of  great free stuff, and landmarks to many great places. Also it is home to the biggest freebie store in OSG, the Freebie HQ, where you can also share your own creations with the residents of the grid. Looking for basic stuff for your AV ? skins clothing, eyes, homes, you will find all of it at Wright. Last but not least, wright is the location where the Town Hall meetings are held, and its where OSG's Travel Office has its home location. From there you can teleport to a range of region showcases in both OSgrid and the hypergrid.

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