Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GreenHouse & Region Update.

ohh this is empty
 Having way too much space on my hands, i figured to build another clubby build. Since the chosen colour was Green, i slightly modified the surroundings, and made a dance floor surrounded by an an in house jungle. You can find the GreenHouse on the Red Dragon Club X build, by walking in the front door, and keep going straight ahead, past the shops.

Located directly above the club is a Gallery displaying some pictures of the Red Dragon builds in progress. On the same floor, you will also find a small Photo studio, with some nice picture backgrounds, and a "Perfect Pillars" shop that offers a variety of pillars.

Nice, a Green HouseClubRed Dragon has updated all its regions to the version which can be downloaded HERE. I don't know what changes have been made, but the regions run nice and smooth, and seem to perform better than the last version we had installed.
We also fixed an issue with regions being unavailable, giving a "Null" reply in console. This occurred when the system resumed from a "sleep" state. Regions appear up and running, but TP is impossible. Simply switching off the power management for the disks has most likely resolved this. And last but not least, for the fans, Linda Kelly's stuff can be found & downloaded again on the new website

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