Saturday, February 22, 2014

Red Dragon Re-Opening

Despite my enthusiastic plans to open this weekend, Red Dragon will re-open next weekend, and start Bi-weekly dance party's. The first one will be held at Red Dragon "Club X" region, on saturday the 1st of March, which will be the "formal" Re-opening of  Red Dragon.

I was actually planning to open this weekend, but after going through all logs of the loadtest, there are some things i want to address first. Also this weekend is packed with events already, and as stated in the previous post, i don't feel the need to compete / interfere with any other events. (I'd rather visit those).
Tonight there is a party in Posh "Prims Club" at 1 PM grid time, with DJ Ladyjo Martin, and at 5 PM Ladyjo is throwing in another set at "The Sunburst". Every sunday there is a live event at the Maritime, details on that will likely be posted on OSgrid's Forums , so really no need to be bored this weekend. 

Apart for the Red Dragon club firing up, i have another plan, but need some help of OSgrid's current DJ's and club owners. I would really like to start "Red Dragon On Tour" .
The tour should become a series of event i have been planning for a little while. In that tour, i want to visit a different club each 2 weeks, spin a (themed) set of 1 hour maximum, after which the "resident DJ" takes over.  I have discussed it with some club owners and DJ's already, and most seem to like the plan, so were going to try and make it happen. For now, i have 4 places willing to participate, so if you own a club, are a DJ or just would like to throw a party, and you like the idea, get in touch. The "finale" of this tour will hopefully take place on Event Plaza, after months of paryt-ing in all the clubs OSG has.
Apart from the events, i think it's a nice way to find a structured way to liven up OSG with events, keep drama far away by excluding conflicting interests, as well as being able to "serve" all time zones. In the end, we ARE the "community", so might just as well make it great to be here. Also clubs have the best tools to do community building, and i think that if we get off our islands and collaborate more, we could have more fun than we do, next to making OSG more appealing to "fresh blood". 

Since i'm around for some years, people often ask me why i didnt ever run events in my huge builds. The answer is simple, my machine didn't have the power to do so. And with only 3 clubs organising "regular" events, the tour was also not really an option. Now  i have all the abilities, and there are more clubs popping up and getting alive, there are no excuses to not to go for it. Time only will prove if there is sufficient animo, but doesn't hurt to try. 

If you need more power, want to be online 24/7 or just want to unload your DSL line, read along carefully. My regions are now hosted by Kris Terrien, and so could yours. You can find more information on specs and pricing on his blog at  You can both rent complete servers, or just regions, at very, very affordable pricing. The server holds my regions without any performance issues, and there are over 80.000 prims on the 9 regions it hosts, so you really get Bang for your bucks. 

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