Sunday, February 16, 2014

Red Dragon Moves to hosted server

With the build expanding, and people requesting to party, a roadshow appeared to be the only option available (read previous topic). So in 1 week i got offered to DJ at Club Quantum and at D&J club. As if that wasn't sufficient, i got an awesome offer by the owner of the new club Yiffi (Kris Terrien) to have my Red Dragon regions hosted on a "spare" server. And what a spare !! a Xeon with 32 GB RAM 2 TB disks in raid and a 200 M/bit synchronous connection. As you can imagine, the migration was swift;  so as of today Red Dragon will be online 24/7, and with all the performance it needs. This also calls for a load test, and if that goes well, a party. I will build Kris a statue at the entrance later... \0/


Huh party, at a 45.000 prim region ?  
Yes. thats the idea, if it underperforms for any reason, the test will move to the adjacent Club X sim with half the prims. Mind the region can still put some strain on viewer and GFX, depending on your settings and hardware, especially at 1st login.

So does this mean you're not doing the "Red Dragon Roadshow" ?.  
Why not?  More party's....  this grid can't have too much fun. Updates will follow.

So when is that Loadtest scheduled?        
Tuesday 18 februari Red Dragon Nite Club Region. Also some soundchecks will be performed. Your attendance is greatly appreciated. The exact time will be issued via a Google+ invite.

So if the server holds well, Red Dragon will organise a party soon ?
Yes, in the next weekend. DJ Foxx, and possibly a guest DJ will spin some sets, more details will follow.

For now i have to finetune the configs, enable voice, configure shoutcast etc.etc. but feel free to visit and check out the regions.
Red Dragon Nite Club. The saga continues.....

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