Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Loadtest Completed

After making a terrible mess of the starting time of the Red Dragon Loadtest ( I "assumed" i knew what time dev meeting started, and calculated from GMT time there, mixed that with PST timezone, took the root of UTC, multiplied it by 21% am GMT-5...... and ended up 5 hours off ). We did have a successful test though. The new server is clearly not impressed with any load it was given, which is great. It has got more than enough RAM CPU and bandwidth to cope with any amount of visitors attending a party in OSG simultaneously, listening to 128 KB/s audio. Opensim did catch an exception and crash after about 2,5 hours, with around 20 avatars on the sim, and had 1 report of someone not being able to normally TP in.

To all people that came by (also those that found an empty club earlier) apologies for the timezone mess, and the crash at the end, but thank you all for helping out and visiting. Much appreciated.

I plan to organise a party this weekend already, but first have to puzzle a bit ( learn about timezones and such), and make sure not to interfere with other events. This as i feel we need more activities on OSG, not competing ones IMO. Also i have some stuff to fix ( thanks for all the feedback )  like a decent danceball, some more config tweaks, event poster for LBSA plaza, fix the welcome LM, find pole dancers etc. So it was a good & productive test run.

So partying will start soon. Updates on this Blog will hence follow more rapidly, so feel free to subscribe if you'd like to keep posted.  I will make an additional topic in the OSG forums to update events for people that don't like Blogs, or just never heard of us.

After 3 years of building, were going to put some more beats into the grid. Hope you come visit and have fun. More tomorrow....

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