Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pic's of the shop and voting system

As you likely have read in the previous topic, Red Dragon has a small shop located at Wright plaza. If inworld, you can read this very Blog by enabling media. You can enjoy the tunes from Pulse Radio as well.

If you visit the Red Dragon Nite Club region, and like the build, you can now vote for the region again. We reinstated the tool from Oliveira on the region. Other regions using this voting system inworld are listed on his website here. Some have comments, pictures and/or video available.

You can obtain this voting system for you own regions, by searching the map for Sandbox Oliveira 48 in OSgrid. Be sure to check the surrounding regions for other nice goodies, has some nice builds and shops,and these regions tend to be "always online". Also when in need for Land, you can contact Fernando Oliveira inworld or though his webpage.

Also a lot of newly released initiatives found their way to my mailbox this week, such as Kitely's marketplace (Click here) , for people looking to sell/ buy virtual creations,  and unity's Extreme Reality SDK which promises to turn your webpage into a 3Dworld. So many cool things to explore, and so little time.....

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