Friday, September 27, 2013

Bugfix new release and Crazy Diamond club

As you might have read on twitter, OSG forums or Hypergridbusiness the 4096 bug that's been there since forever has been fixed. A developer from Singularity named "Latif Khalifa" fixed it. Test results of various OSG residents confirm. Another limitation squashed. Hurray for Latif. No more teleport problems.

Since the Opensim conference it appears things work more smoothly between various party's involved with opensimulator, and hopefully it will bring more good things. I read in some chatlogs there are people working on the scalable regions again, so who knows what the future will bring. A little downtime last week seems to have improved the performance of the asset server. stats  Also new version of OSgrid Simulator was released, you can grab it here . If you really like OSgrid you should use this link.

Whilst hopping around the map looking for hidden gems, my eye got caught by a guitar on the map. I popped over and found a club, called The Crazy Diamond Club. Nice rock music there, but since there was no party, i took the liberty to sit down and write this magnificent piece of Blog.

Likes the rock music hereIf you want to visit this region yourself, find "SoundChaser" on the OSgrid map. You land at 500 mtr in the club, have to pop down if you want to see the Guitar. Can't wait to party here someday.

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